Visage® The ultimate high security system -
Designed to prevent intrusion and be tough on crime.

The Visage® window, door & converatory system is fully engineered to meet the everyday occurence of
break-ins, severly limiting chances of successful intrusions over lesser specified windows. Here we explain
the features & benefits of this high security PVCu system, plus why we believe that every home should
have them.

Hardened steel shootbolt and roller locking - an uncompromised combination.

The solid, bi-directional locking bolts anchor the opener securely into the top and bottom of the frame and,
with the roller locking, ensures the opener receives all-round protection.

Locking Wedge

Fitted at the hinge side of the windows over 800mm, the locking wedge acts as an additional anti-lever
security device.

Centre lock

The next generation of window locking, with its central twin locking, replaces the out-dated single deadbolt.
The twin locks powerfully grip the window frame, preventing potential attack from a jemmy or crowbar.
Visage® windows have been tested to BS 7950, the British Standard that relates to resistance against
forced entry.


Hingegaurd is the ideal solution to provision of extra security to the hinged side of a window.
Designed to enage only when the window is under attack, the security plates prevent
disengagement by supporting the friction hinge.
Extensive testing has confirmed that where Hingeguard security plates are used in
conjunction with non-security friction hinges, the windows have exceeded the
security requirements of BS 7950.

Tested to 30,000 cycles (55 years heavy duty usage)

The steel screws used to assmble Visage® windows and doors are of grade that have been independently
tested to withstand 500 hours of highly corrive salt spray.

High Security PVCu Doors

(1)(2)(3) Endurance tested hinges

Powerful hinges fitted as standard.

(4)(5) Hingebolts

Two protuding hingebolts make the door secure on the hinge side by snugly fitted into an aperture in the
frame's steel reinforcement.

(6)(7) Rollercam locks

4 bi-directional rollercams guide the lock into position and are used to help the door make a weathertight
seal in the frame. They also act as an effective aanti-lever device.

(8)(9) Hardened hookbolts

Two Hookbolts and trademark anti-lift pins for highest level of security

(10) Central Deadbolt

Centre deadbolt secures and protects the centre of the door from attack and makes it one of the strongest
and most durable systems on the market.

(11) For the Ultimate Security Upgrade

Fit Viusage 'Magnum' Cylinders (optional)

  • anti bump
  • anti snap
  • anti drill
  • anti pick

(12) Latest one-piece steel locking keep

The keep runs down the entire depth of the door, giving maximum security.

unlike some lesser specified door systems, corrosion-resistant, hardened steel screw are used throughout
and all of the locking keeps are screwed into the steel reinforcement and not just plastic!

Slam shut option on the doors

The slam shut facilty is available as an option on single and French doors, offering a similar operation
to a conventional latch associated with a tradional wooden door. Once the door is closed it can only be
opend from the outside with a key. To fully engage the locking system the handle must be raised
and key locked.