With a wide range of residental doors, patio and
French doors, Visage enables you to purchase quality products that will suit your property and satisfy your personal tastes

Visage® Designs to suit the most discerning - Pratical and stylish.

Residential doors

A combination of style, multi-point security and wrap-free weatherproofing. Meticulously designed to keep out the wind, rain and unwelcome vistors. Visage® doors are not only durable but highly desirable.

Standard specifications include a fully welded frame, corrosion resistant fixings, stainless steel locks for smooth and consistent operation and galvanised steel reinforcement used where necesary for extra strength.

Composite doors

Solid high security doors that perfectly replicate the look and feel of timber in a low maintenance weatherproof finish that's guaranteed to last for years.

These beautifully moulded and richly grained doors are available in a range of elegant styles and colours to suit your style and individual taste.

Patio and French doors

For both aspects, inside and out, Visage® patio and French doors add a graceful, luxurious touch to any home or consevatory. Practical and convenient in configuration, their wide opening provides maximum ventilation and unrestricted access - not to mention a wonderful, satisfying view of your garden.

Stylish but also very secure. the Visage® inline patio door is assembled in a way that makes it impossible to remove the sliding door from the outside and anti-lever, anti-lift and multi-point locking devices make Visgae® more than a match for apportunist thieves who often view rear entrances as an easy route for forced entry into a home

  1. Anti-lift device, & running guide to improve location.
  2. 4 high security hookbolt locks built into a 1-piece keep.
  3. Stainless steel track rollers for smooth operation.
  4. Durable aluminium threshold.
  5. Anit-lift devices.
  6. Cushioning buffers-top and bottom.
  7. Co-extruded twin glazing gasket.
  8. Steel reinforced outer frame and sash.

Visgae® Bi-folding doors

Enjoy the benefits of the outdoors with our innovative range of Bi-fold doors. These elegant, concertina doors add a real 'wow factor' to any home and creat a large opening for easy access once folded back.